Beachfront Luxury Holiday Accommodation At Gold Coast

Waterfront luxury Escapes gold coast

To enjoy your vacation, Gold Coast Luxury Escapes provides a variety of luxuriating and magnificent beachfront holiday homes for your accommodation needs.  It starts from single-bedroom to seven-bedroom mansion homes. It comes with all types of star ratings based on your style of need and budget.

Have a fantastic view of the beachfront from glass frames and balcony at Gold Coast Luxury Escapes magnificent houses.  You can always just sit on a recliner and relax.  The Gold Coast Luxury Escapes provide a maximum of 37 beds and its waterfront mansion house is perfect to forget all the concerns about family or group accommodation and to have a great time. All of the rooms come with modern fittings that are self-contained. The luxury home kitchen and bathrooms are fully equipped with all the modern appliances.

The restrooms and showers are fitted with the latest equipment from standing showers to garden tubs.  Reflect yourself with a King size mirrors fitted wherever necessary.  The floorings consist of rich marbles.

A typical Gold Coast waterfront luxury home includes:

  • Laptop with Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Ergonomic chairs and table for laptop use
  • Cable TV
  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Comfy Couches
  • Laundry include iron and dryer
  • Heating appliances
  • Hot water
  • Quality linen and towels
  • Bathtub with toilette materials
  • Indoor fireplace etc.


Corner Rooms

You can always ckeck the option of corner room luxury accommodation while traveling with your family.  Corner rooms are spacious and brighter.


Indoor pool

As a fitness freak, you may be worried about your caloric intake during the holidays.  Beachfront’s luxury accommodations provide indoor pools.  Have the fun of having your own indoor private swimming pool and have a great time to relax while enjoying in the water or burning your calories with swimming.


Mobile Yachts

Gold Coast Luxury Escapes offer yacht hire for birthday, marriage and other events and parties.  The rates offered are on a pro-rata basis based on hours, weekly, New Year’s Eve or other national holidays. Fuel is generally included in the price unless there is an extra mile of travel. Facilities include:

  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • 9 beds, 3 master bedroom suites
  • Kitchen with fridge that includes wine and fridge, Alps and Eskies
  • Showers
  • BYO
  • Waiter or waitress on extra payment


Romantic Package

We also provide romantic packages for newlywed couples for a perfect honeymoon.  Get in touch with Gold Coast Luxury Escapes to resolve all your queries.


Family Package and Group Holidays

Gold Coast Luxury Escapes offer great family packages and group holidays.  There are different features filled with different packages.  Just explore your requirements and choose a suitable option. Gold Coast luxury accommodation and holiday houses are offered according to your needs and budget. Various facilities and features that you can enjoy are:

  • Waterfront terrace with BBQ and fresco dining
  • Giant matching louver doors for summer heat and privacy
  • Home theatre
  • Indoor pool
  • Billiards table
  • Security cameras in front and back of the house
  • Outdoor Bali style hot water shower near Jacuzzi and pool etc.



Surfers Paradise Attractions And Holiday Houses

Surfers Paradise Luxury Escapes Waterfront

Surfers Paradise has always been a popular tourist site with its skyscrapers, shopping malls, surfing beaches and a complete entertainment package.  Even locals here always have a great time.

You can book a beautiful Surfers Paradise holiday house for an impeccable vacation here. There are a number of options for luxury houses on rent based on your budget and requirements. With Gold Coast Luxury Escapes, you have the option to choose from beautiful houses that are centrally located, spacious with all the amenities, and close to natural beauty, local food, and nightlife.

The Land Water Experience with Aquaduck

Cavill Avenue provides its travelers with bus-boat cruise.  Explore the Surfers Paradise and what it has to offer.  There is a complete human guide to assist you.  Travel around the beaches and experience the water currents of the Pacific Ocean.  Have a complete view of Southport Yachtclub and star hotels like Palazzo Verscae.

The 7D Movie

One of the most popular and exciting attractions for both children and adults, you feel the reality of the virtual world.  Watch movies like “Mineride” in 7D.  With you moving, it will be a great encounter for an illusion into the dimensional movie world.

Shoot the Target

Make your experience more memorable at Surfers Paradise, if you are the one interested in a more adventurous lifestyle, get into the reality world of Australian Shooting Academy.  Work with real guns, shoot real bullets.  Target the Bull’s eye.

Hot Air Balloon

Tired with routine flights, want to travel in open air by air.  Here at Ferny Avenue, Chevron Renaissance Towers, Surfers Paradise, you are welcome to board the Balloons, one of the best attractions at Surfers Paradise.

Shopping at Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise has a lot to offer for all age groups.  It is a grand destination for men and women and even for people with an affordable budget.  Go on a shopping spree of vintage clothing, accessories, fashion wears etc.

Jewellery and Perfumes

Have a taste of Egyptian culture. At places like Paradise Centre, you can explore out of the country made perfumes, costumes and Jewellery.

Restaurants at Surfers Paradise

Restaurants at Surfers Paradise offer dining delicacies.  Most restaurants offer breakfasts, lunch and dinners with an exotic view of the Surfers Paradise. Most of them are inexpensive and have a touch of catering versatility.

Nativity is also served with a variety of Chinese, Italian, Persian Mediterranean and Indian restaurants.

Not only limited to routines of lunch and dinner, there are also a variety of sweet and savouries to choose from the menu.  Surfer Paradise hotels and restaurants include French food, salads, pancakes and also provides gluten-free diet for its specific customers.

Hotels and motels at Cavill Avenue are known for its coffee delights.  A variety of coffees can be selected and ordered from their menus.

Nightlife – Pubs and Bars

Cavill Avenue is also known for its cocktail delights.  Have a good night leisure with a variety of drinks like ice-cold beer, pre-dinner drinks, wines and champagnes along with your favourite seafood.

Live Music

If you are music lover, here is the great news.  Some of the Avenues at Surfers Paradise provide free entry.  The music party starts from 9 pm.  Although children are welcome, some may not be suitable and be denied entry.

Mermaid Waters Travel Guide

Broadbeach Luxury Escapes

Mermaid Waters is an incredible place to travel during your visit to the Gold Coast. It is studded with beautiful houses and holiday homes to spend your vacation.  Mermaid Waters is a cul-de-sac of alternate land and water; it is a mix of rivers, lakes, lands, and canals that twist and turn their way right through.  You are free to travel in boats at this place.  The place has more to offer than it’s seen.

Mermaid Waters is an excellent tourist attraction and has all the contents for a complete package.  Never miss out on such an extravaganza of entertainment. If you are planning to visit this place then make sure to check out exclusive holiday homes at Mermaid Waters by visiting the locations page of the website.

Pacific Fair

Pacific Fair is a shopping arcade situated in the middle of the Gold Coast and the Broadbeach.  It is a full-size mind refreshment precinct for all your needs and entertainment. If you are at Gold Coast or Mermaid Waters, Pacific Fair is one big thing you would consider not to miss. Pacific Fair is considered as Australia’s one of the largest shopping mall with plenty of shopping options for visitors.

  • Fashion apparel and accessories
  • Discount offers
  • Pubs and dining
  • Theatre and arts
  • Supermarkets and mini malls
  • Food outlets and coffee shops

The place also offers free shuttle services and one can also check its website for timings.

Q Super Centre

Q Super Centre is another package of a multitude of fun-packed shopping and entertainment environment. It is a business center of around 70 to 80 retailers and includes supermarkets.  For pet lovers, Q Super Centre is a great place as it allows and welcomes dogs to accompany you.

Delights of Q Super Centre

  • Gourmet food
  • Spa & Salon
  • Fashion boutique
  • Variety of dining choices
  • Bars and pubs

Q Super Centre also has Justice of the Peace Service, parent’s facility, and most banks ATMs.  You can also avail wheelchair free of charge.

Pizzey Park

Another tourist attraction at Mermaid Waters, suited for all ages, particularly for nature lovers, sportspersons, children is Pizzey Park.

It has a multitude of things to offer with an area of 150-acre land maintained by Gold Coast City Council.  There are fully-equipped tennis courts and it also provides skating at BMX Park.  People can also play sports like soccer.  Other than that, it also offers contact sports like rugby.

There are swimming pools, athletic tracks, walking tracks and you can even leash off your dog and have fun.  Pizzey Park also comes with a picnic shelter and scenic viewpoint.

Mermaid Beach

Further interested in the beach atmosphere, just travel a bit to the east to get a touch of the Pacific Ocean if you are.  This coastline has surfers and swimmers, so you can surf, kayak, swim, yacht, relax, cycle, play games or have a sunbath.


Broadbeach – Things To Do And Luxury Escapes

Luxury Escapes Mermaid Waters

Broadbeach is considered a carnival for world-class events. It’s an ideal place for all types of activities.  At Broadbeach, you are made busy by its spectacular display of events.  It has an eccentric power packed nightlife of music and casinos.  This is a perfect destination for people who want to just hang out and relax.  For animal lovers, there is much more to offer here.  You can go kayaking with the dolphins.

Restaurants at Broadbeach

Broadbeach offers all types of offering to all ages from kids to adults.  The nightlife here is highly entertaining with thrills, comedy shows, fun-horror shows etc.  If you are interested in theatre arts, witness the events as they go.  Their unique restaurants here even offer different kinds of shows like puppetry that will make you spellbound.

Arts and Crafts Market at Broadbeach

Have an insight at the Broadbeach’s arts and crafts market.  It has around 150 stalls exhibiting Australia’s multitude of fine arts and crafts.

Culinary Arts

It can be called the taste of Australia with all its delicious dishes of seafood, delicacies, savories, cookies, and muffins.

Rotary Carousel – Kids, Kids, and More Kids

Broadbeach offers a fun-packed environment for all ages.  It is an iconic place attracting locals and tourists.  Children get fascinated by the carousels and there is laughter everywhere. While kids take a ride, parents take the pride to watch their children with roaring happiness.  Children here are never eager to leave this place and this is the fun Rotary Carousel offers at Broadbeach. 

Kurrawa Beach

Kurrawa Beach is a spectacular and eye-catching beach.  It is a great place to relax, the golden sand texture makes it a perfect relaxing place.  This beach is also the best place to play against the water waves.  Surfers and locals love this place for its pure transparent water.  Patrolled by safeguards, the beach offers a lot of fun and people can enjoy kayaking, yachting, and surfing.  Go cycling or for a walk along the coastline to get a glimpse of its beauty.  You can also go through the beachside boulevard for your favorite coffee or snacks. 

Luxury Escapes at Broadbeach Gold Coast

After a long holiday, it is time to slip into luxury escapes at Broadbeach.  It’s really important to select the best luxury accommodation while here so that you don’t feel the strain of the day.  Broadbeach luxury escapes have all the comfy accommodation that is self-contained. A typical deluxe accommodation will include:

Comfortable and Spacious Rooms

It’s all about space first, feeling free to move.  As it is holiday time, you are never tired to watch, have a glance at the windows for your surroundings. Here at luxury escapes, the flow of air is constant with great ventilation.  Broadbeach luxury holiday homes offer a well-decorated, fully air-conditioned luxury houses that are spacious and leaves your vacation memorable.

Self-Contained Kitchen

Kitchens in these exclusive homes are fully equipped with all the needs.  You will find all the fire and heating appliance like heaters, micro-oven etc along with biologically safe non-abrasive and non-corrosive products.

Luxury Bedrooms

Bedrooms at these luxury accommodations have all the facilities with a King suite.  These are perfect to rest and watch your favorite television show while relaxing.  You can go for a single, double, triple bedroom etc. based on your requirements.

Most luxury escapes at Broadbeach have balconies that are spacious. One can also avail waterfront houses to have a better picture of the surroundings. If you are planning a vacation here then Gold Coast Luxury Escapes is one of the best places to find budget luxury houses on Broadbeach that are in close vicinity to tourist attractions and make it easier for you to plan your vacation schedule proactively.

Best Escapes To Explore The Beauty Of Gold Coast

Gold Coast accomodation

Around one hour drive from Brisbane, the Gold Coast is the coastal city of Australia situated in the state of Queensland.  Even settlers and aborigines state that they have always been excited and never have a humdrum feel.  They consider this amazing place as a paradise.

Apart from its blend of the human architecture of skyscrapers and its natural beauty, this exotic part of the world offers a number of business opportunities for the travel and tourism industry.

The Gold Coast spans an amazing 70 kilometers of coastline.  It is not purely about its length but the amount of visual treat it provides that makes it amazing.  There are no words to describe its beauty.


The Fantastic Beaches

Whether you are a part of yachting, kayaking or surfing, there’s a lot of fun in these beaches.  The Gold Coast has all the incredible adventure for adults and children with its gravity-defying rollercoaster trains, waterslides, and carousals.  The food stalls here catch your attention.  For adults, it is the perfect place to escape for sun-bathing and relaxing.  There is more fun than expected and people here go for their favorite beach sports.


Sea World Marine Park

Escape to the Sea World Marine Park to communicate with Dolphins.  Here it is really amusing to interact with all kinds of mammals.  Go for a memorable experience.  Meet a variety of dolphins that fly in air and dance along with them.  Bring your children to the Holiday Show, the PAW Patrol.  What is more? Have lively encounters with penguins, and other marine animals to make your experience unforgettable.


Dream World Theme Park

Watch your children have a great moment with the Dream World Park Theme.  They include a variety of activities:

  • Big 9 Thrill Rides
  • Kids Rides
  • Family Rides
  • White Water World
  • Food and Shopping


Hollywood at Gold Coast

Gold Coast also offers theatricality for movie lovers. With Warner Brothers at its bay, it is an extravagance filled with entertainment.  It also offers some incredible car stunts with its Hollywood stunt-drive shows.

Escape and Explore

  • Dinosaur Island
  • Surfing at Burleighead
  • Surfing at Coolangatta
  • Tiger Island
  • Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Mount Tamborine


Q1 Skypoint Observation Deck

If anyone ever wondered how to have a bird’s eye point view, it’s just that fascinating view from Q1 Skypoint Observation Deck. The viewer’s 360-degree angle provides a treat as water currents draw towards the beach.  The skyline touching the seas makes gives an analogy of an eye illusion.


Springbrook National Park – The Seventh Heaven Escape

To dive more into the best escapes, one can explore Springbrook National Park, a world heritage site which captivates with its eye-glittering greenery of birds, caves, waterfalls etc.


Lamington National Park – The Paradise Escape

As we further escape into the depths of Gold Coast, we arrive at Hinterland.  Here we have Lamington National Park, another world heritage listed site that makes the spotlight memorable by bridging with walking trails. The environment here provides the best place for an escape walk.

The O’Reilly’s Treetop is a kind of suspension bridge, which is 180 meters long.  You will never mind the distance as you walk through to see its beauty.  It’s height of around 50 meters above the ground that makes it a perfect place to view and walk between the middle of the trees.  It is like as if a bird is walking with its legs at the height of the trees.  This suspension bridge is so amazing to feel especially with its stray birds.  You are always trying to rotate your head trying to see the birds from a point-blank view.

After having a wonderful escape through the O’Reilly treetop walk, one can have the leisure of luxurious lodgings which provides Spa, relaxing foot massages, lunches etc. You can stay at nights and have a wonderful view in the morning with the natural painting of trees all over the mountains.  These multifaceted cabins, glass windows, and verandas provide a perfect view even while relaxing.  Most of the national parks can be reached in and around with an hour time frame from the coastline.