Mermaid Waters Travel Guide

Broadbeach Luxury Escapes

Mermaid Waters is an incredible place to travel during your visit to the Gold Coast. It is studded with beautiful houses and holiday homes to spend your vacation.  Mermaid Waters is a cul-de-sac of alternate land and water; it is a mix of rivers, lakes, lands, and canals that twist and turn their way right through.  You are free to travel in boats at this place.  The place has more to offer than it’s seen.

Mermaid Waters is an excellent tourist attraction and has all the contents for a complete package.  Never miss out on such an extravaganza of entertainment. If you are planning to visit this place then make sure to check out exclusive holiday homes at Mermaid Waters by visiting the locations page of the website.

Pacific Fair

Pacific Fair is a shopping arcade situated in the middle of the Gold Coast and the Broadbeach.  It is a full-size mind refreshment precinct for all your needs and entertainment. If you are at Gold Coast or Mermaid Waters, Pacific Fair is one big thing you would consider not to miss. Pacific Fair is considered as Australia’s one of the largest shopping mall with plenty of shopping options for visitors.

  • Fashion apparel and accessories
  • Discount offers
  • Pubs and dining
  • Theatre and arts
  • Supermarkets and mini malls
  • Food outlets and coffee shops

The place also offers free shuttle services and one can also check its website for timings.

Q Super Centre

Q Super Centre is another package of a multitude of fun-packed shopping and entertainment environment. It is a business center of around 70 to 80 retailers and includes supermarkets.  For pet lovers, Q Super Centre is a great place as it allows and welcomes dogs to accompany you.

Delights of Q Super Centre

  • Gourmet food
  • Spa & Salon
  • Fashion boutique
  • Variety of dining choices
  • Bars and pubs

Q Super Centre also has Justice of the Peace Service, parent’s facility, and most banks ATMs.  You can also avail wheelchair free of charge.

Pizzey Park

Another tourist attraction at Mermaid Waters, suited for all ages, particularly for nature lovers, sportspersons, children is Pizzey Park.

It has a multitude of things to offer with an area of 150-acre land maintained by Gold Coast City Council.  There are fully-equipped tennis courts and it also provides skating at BMX Park.  People can also play sports like soccer.  Other than that, it also offers contact sports like rugby.

There are swimming pools, athletic tracks, walking tracks and you can even leash off your dog and have fun.  Pizzey Park also comes with a picnic shelter and scenic viewpoint.

Mermaid Beach

Further interested in the beach atmosphere, just travel a bit to the east to get a touch of the Pacific Ocean if you are.  This coastline has surfers and swimmers, so you can surf, kayak, swim, yacht, relax, cycle, play games or have a sunbath.